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Bradford Spookfest 2022

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I am so pleased to announce the introduction of a new festival to the community of Bradford West  Gwillimbury! Halloween is a true passion of mine. Before covid hit Spookfest had far outgrown our original venue in Innisfil and the plan was to move to Bradford my home town. And be it delayed a couple years due to covid, it’s finally kicking off. Many in the community already know me from having a haunted house at my house and going over the top with Halloween plus from our original spookfest in Innisfil. Now we’re going full on festival in Bradford. 

 Price: $500 plus hst. Before July 31st you can pay an $150 plus hst deposit and the remainder to be paid by July 31st. ALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE 

Location: 125 simcoe road Bradford (the old arena) 

Dates: Wednesday October 26th to Sunday October 30th 

Exact times will be announced shortly but Wednesday will be an evening only. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be full day events and Sunday will end early evening. 
Set up will be available to vendors on the Tuesday and Wednesday morning. VENDORS must remain set up for the duration of the event. 
There will be a contest for spookiest booth and that vendor will win $500 cash at the end of the event. This is a highly promoted event including of many thousands of mail outs/ and magazines, radio, newspapers, road signs and so much more. Vendors are also given the option to add 100 items per day (total 500) to goody bags given out to customers as they come in daily for free. Any non vendors/ sponsors will be charged $100 for this service. This is a ticketed event.  Vendors will be given 10 adult admission tickets per booth for free, $130 value. You can use these for staff or friends and family and one vendor pass to be warn by the main vendor for admission for the entire week. 
Both sizes are 10 foot wide by 8 foot deep. Please keep all fixtures and signs within your booth. **** Any tall signs are required to be kept at the back of your booth**** 
All vendors must provide $2 million dollar insurance. 
Food vendors will be subject to food safety permits from the town of Bradford. 


Request for booth locations can be submitted, but not guaranteed as we try to space out vendors to showcase a wide variety of types of products and services in each row. There will be some Halloween static displays and animatronic displays around the venue with the two main displays location on the layout. You may book multiple booths if you need more space. 

You can book online for the fastest way to reserve your spot or mail in the application with a check made payable to Kimberly Harvey to: 10 Luisa street Bradford Ontario L3Z0P2 or Email to: kchase707@hotmail.ca (please ensure the email is .ca) Any questions can also be emailed to that email.  Choose either deposit only or pay in full to take advantage of the early bird rates. All payments are due in full by July 31st 2022. If you choose deposit only please forward a post dated check to the above mailing address

Current vendor list: 

- Scentsy 

- Suds Buckets (pet products) 

- My Lil Gem 

- Ginny’s Fleece

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