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Easter vendor market

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COVID RELATED INFORMATION: We are accepting 15 vendors currently for our event generally we have about 30 but with covid restrictions expected we are planning for 50% capacity. That being said we are only allowing one vendor staff member per booth. If this changes closer to the event we will inform vendors. The hope is that many of the covid restrictions will be lifted by March but we are planning as if they will be in place. That being said we are going to assume vaccines passports and face masks will also be required. Our understanding is employees are not mandated to have vaccines passports meaning vendors in our case. But everyone will need to wear face masks and stay distanced. We are asking vendors to also have hand sanitizer at there booths. 

Regular vendor information: each vendor will be provided a 6 foot table and 1 chair if you require the use of racks they are to Remain behind your table or you can opt to bring your own smaller table or not to use a table at all to allow your rack/ table to fit in your six foot wide booth. This is to ensure we have the right amount of empty space between booths for covid. We encourage businesses to bring cashless payment systems as many shoppers have transitioned away from cash in the past few years. Please ensure you have access to your own data for payment systems. Vendors will be able to use any of our graphics of posters to promote to there customers they will be in the event. 

Post cards will also be printed and Available to pick up at My Lil Gem in upper Canada mall should you choose to want any physical post cards to had out. 

We will be handing out goody bags at the door to customers if you would like to have your information in the bags please drop off your cards to My Lil Gem at upper Canada mall by April 6th 2022. There is no set number as we make them and keep handing them out as people come into the building but our general suggestion is 100 flyers/post cards or samples is a good starting number but if we run out it’s a good idea to have more in hand at your booth during the weekend we will keep making them on site also. Plus customers will ask for your information at your booths also so it’s good to have on hand.

the number one way to be a successful booth is to stand up and interact with every shopper that passes your booth. Sitting our your phone is not permitted at York Simcoe Events Group events. As we strive to create an very interactive memorable event for shoppers and vendors alike. 

NOTE if Covid restrictions allow it we will have a craft table for kids to colour and make Easter crafts well there parents shop. 

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